Time Out Sign Removed From Tottenham Court Road

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 64 months ago
Time Out Sign Removed From Tottenham Court Road

As of this morning the southern end of Tottenham Court Road looks a little less neon, after the enormous red Time Out sign was removed from the entranceway to the magazine's head office.

A reflection of the title's dwindling influence in the capital? Hardly, and enough of the snark, pal: they're shifting 305,000 copies per week since the freesheet move, a remarkable 455% year-on-year increase. The reason for the sign's removal is more mundane: an impending office move, where we're assured that the sign will be resurrected in all its neon glory.

Hat tip: @peter_watts

Last Updated 20 February 2013


I used to subscribe to Time Out but since it went free I've only managed to get hold of it on 4 occasions. Which isn't any great loss 'cos it's rubbish now it isn't a listings mag.