Pinnacle Could Be Replaced By 'Austerity Tower'

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 63 months ago
Pinnacle Could Be Replaced By 'Austerity Tower'

The £1 billion Pinnacle skyscraper on Bishopsgate, which had its ascent into the London skyline arrested at the seventh floor last year after the developer failed to pre-let enough office space, could be scrapped and re-built from the ground up as an 'austerity tower', according to trade magazine Building.

A new developer, Lipton Rogers, is proposing to knock down the concrete husk and start anew, with a fresh, not to mention cheaper, design, one that, according to the magazine's sources, would be "significantly different to the existing spiralling design".

We're not entirely sure what an 'austerity tower' would look like, but we imagine (indeed, hope) that it might be a monolithic grey block topped with a bust of a sombre-faced George Osborne, possibly modelled on this one of Turkmenistan's former leader Saparmurat Niyazov. Or perhaps it will take the form of a series of declining zig-zags resembling Britain's growth figures in the age of austerity.

In other 'scraper news, on the day that the Shard's viewing gallery opens to the public today, the building's developer Irvine Sellar claims that he has signed up a number of tenants, and is hopeful that deals to take over a fifth of the office space will be completed by April.

Last Updated 01 February 2013


Odd that you express puzzlement at the term austerity tower, as I can't seem to find it in the Building article, so it's you who has come up with the term!

I imagine it just means a cheaper to build design

Philippe Fraser

Booooo :-(
I've been looking forward to this building for years!
What a shame.


Hmm, maybe flatpack construction like this one..


If the shard cost half as much as the pinnacle, they can still produce something beautiful and architecturally worthy. It is a real shame though as the pinnacle would have given london a striking skyline, much better than the usual dull skyscrapers of Manhattan and Beijing. Lets hope they remember good design costs no more than bad design and lets hope its tall enough to give the central london cluster a good shape as the pinnacle did.


I dont think this will happen as they have got all the money now and Im sure they wont approve of this new fresh Idea.


If this will happen the architecture needs to make sure the skyscraper is the tallest and is as striking as the pinnacle because the pinnacle is in the heart of the skyline. However I'm sure the building will be striking if you consider the latest skyscrapers in London.