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01 February 2013 | Comedy, On Stage, Things To Do | By: Rachel Holdsworth

Comedy Preview: All Your Internet Are Belong To Us @ Pub On The Park

Comedy Preview: All Your Internet Are Belong To Us @ Pub On The Park

We're guessing you love the internet else you wouldn't be reading this (unless someone has printed this post out and handed it to you, in which case, WTF?). So we think you'll also love a new comedy night which puts the web on stage, points and laughs. At it, with it, for it.

You can see one of the features in action right now: Tumblr Wars! Each month, two comedians will create their own Tumblrs and see who can get the most love. John-Luke Roberts is forging a combination of the aphorisms of Alain de Botton and photos of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson to produce Alain de Bottom; while Bec Hill is showing friends and family in her native Australia how amazing the city is with Postcrads from London. Get clicking – the winner depends on you.

You'll also be able to see Lee Kern trolling YouPorn, Rachel Stubbings offering relationship advice over Skype, and hear how Barnaby Slater got Facebook to change its birthday policy and how Nish Kumar felt about becoming a meme. Sanderson Jones hosts (also to be seen at the next Sunday Assembly this weekend).

It all happens at the Pub on the Park in London Fields on Thursday. If you can't make that, put 7 March in your diary when James Acaster, Adam Larter and Gareth Morinan will be Googling it up.

All Your Internet Are Belong To Us is on 7 February at Pub on the Park, 19 Martelo Street, E8. Doors open 7.30pm, show starts £8, tickets £5. For more information see the A.Y.I.A.B.T.U Tumblr or Facebook event.

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