Can You Fathom The Crafty One-Step Tube Puzzle?

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Can You Fathom The Crafty One-Step Tube Puzzle?
Photo by Edward Kimber via the Londonist Flickrpool.

Have you heard that there is a route you can take around the London Underground, covering every single line for just one stop? Back in 2013 one of our friends was told this puzzle and, being a London geek — hooray — he worked it out over several commutes. Can you? Remember, you must visit each different line for just one stop.


  • The route includes the Overground and DLR
  • You can change from one line to another, even if they continue on the same tracks (e.g. go one stop on the Circle line then change to the District for one stop in the same direction)
  • There are four permutations of start and end points, because only one of the two stations for the first and last move is important (e.g. if you are on the Victoria line and need to get to Stockwell, you can start at Brixton or Vauxhall - it makes no difference to the rest of the route!

Good luck! And if, in a month's time, you're still tossing and turning in bed still trying to figure this one out ... put yourself out of your misery as we've shared the solution here.

Many thanks to John Wilkes for sharing the puzzle (and for working it out).

Last Updated 21 December 2017

Jonn Elledge

This is going to drive me nuts.

West Hampstead

Am clearly being dim. What does "one stop" mean in this context? Are we trying to travel on a train on every line with only one stop between each line?



Start at Leicester Square or Green Park.
Piccadilly: One stop to Piccadilly Circus.
Bakerloo: One stop to Charing Cross.
Northern: One stop to Embankment.
Circle: One stop to Westminster.
Jubilee: One stop to Waterloo.
Waterloo and City: One stop to Bank.
Central: One stop to Liverpool Street.
Hammersmith and City: One stop to Aldgate East.
District: One stop to Whitechapel.
Overground: One stop to Shadwell.
DLR: One stop to Tower Gateway or Limehouse.

I mean, that's simple. Once you realise that you've got to take the Waterloo and City, and need to hit the DLR, it's trivial. It took literally five minutes. There are even multiple alternate routes: for example, at Bank you can take the DLR to Shadwell, Overground to Whitechapel, District to Aldgate East, H&C to Liverpool Street, and Central back to Bank.

Charlie Howard

My solution, correct me if wrong:

Tower Hill - Shadwell (DLR)
Shadwell - Whitechapel (East London)
Whitechapel - Aldgate East (District)
Aldgate East -Liverpool St (H&C)
Liv St -Moorgate (Met)
Moorgate - Bank (Northern)
Bank - Waterloo (duh)
Waterloo - Embankment (Bakerloo)
Embankment -Westminster (Circle)
Westminster -Green Pork (Jubilee)
Green Pork - Ox Circ (Victoria)
Ox Circ -wherever you like (Central)

Tom M

My version - but as you say, once you realise you have to use the Waterloo & City and the DLR, you've narrowed it down quite a lot - of course, the direction is pretty arbitrary anyway

It's just a shame you can't try it on the weekends (thanks to the Waterloo/City line), as I'm rarely in London on a weekday!

Metropolitan - Moorgate/Aldgate to Liverpool St
Hammersmith & City - to Aldgate East
District to Whitechapel
Overground to Shadwell
DLR to Bank
Waterloo & City to Waterloo

Jubilee to Westminster

Circle to Embankment

Northern to Charing Cross
Bakerloo to Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly to Green Park
Victoria to Oxford Circus
Central to Bond Street/Tottenham Court Road

Of course, once Crossrail opens, you'll be able to add that line from TCR or Bond Street to complete the set!

West Hampstead

Yes, just got there, starting at Moorgate finishing at Cov Gnd

Londoner Kate

This is clever and awesome but the thought of staying on the tube long enough to actually do this makes me nauseous.


does it include the Emirates line??

Gareth Jones

avoiding any spoilers that may be posted here, is 'Overground' everything that's orange on the map (ie NLL, ELLX, all the new east and south west bits, Euston DC lines)?