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Battersea Power Station To Get Temporary Public Park

Battersea Power Station To Get Temporary Public Park

Wandsworth council has revealed that a temporary park will be constructed beside Battersea Power Station this summer.

The park, a foreshadowing of the permanent, six-acre green space that the wider Nine Elms redevelopment will eventually bestow, will be linked to Battersea Park via a walkway along the river, and visitors will be able to picnic right beside Giles Gilbert Scott's hulking brick masterpiece. It'll be located on the river side of the building, and will be dotted with trees and benches.

The planning application also calls for a "three-storey building for use in connection with the Battersea Power Station development for design development, verification, exhibition, display, meeting and marketing purposes"; expect to be sharing your picnic blanket and cucumber sandwiches with a few billionaire property buyers.

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James Guppy

Wow...didn't think I'd ever be praising Wandsworth Council but this is a great idea.