A-Z Pub Crawl: The Best Pubs In Kennington And Oval

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A-Z Pub Crawl: The Best Pubs In Kennington And Oval

Recommend a good pub or bar in Kennington or Oval, then join us on a crawl round the top four.

Welcome to part 'K' of the Londonist alphabetical pub crawl. We're heading south of the river this month to the area around Kennington. We want to visit only the best places, so are relying on those in the know voting for their favourites. How far 'Kennington' extends geographically is up to you, but we'll accept nominations for any boozer within reasonable pub-crawling distance of Kennington Tube.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Let us know your favourite pubs in the area (in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter with hashtag #bestkenningtonpub).
  2. We’ll tally up the votes in a few days.
  3. We’ll then arrange a pub crawl later this month around the four most popular choices. You’re welcome to join us.
  4. By ‘pubs’, we’re using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars.
  5. You can nominate more than one place. All nominations count as one vote, whether you rank them or not. Likes on Facebook and retweets of someone else’s vote are also counted as new votes.
  6. Venues should be open to the public with no pre-booking, entry fee or membership required.
  7. How far Kennington/Oval extends geographically is up to you, but keep it sensible.

So, where shall we go?

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The A-Z pub crawl…we’ve found the best pubs in the following places.

Last Updated 05 February 2013


Prince of Wales, Cleaver Square

Fentiman Arms, Fentiman Road

Stephen Wilmot

Red Lion is also nice

Vauxhall bod

Doghouse, Fent is Vauxhall and is tiny. Zeitgeist for German food.

Tom Bolton

Priory Arms for ale. Zeitgeist is also very special, but its Vauxhall not Oval in my book. The White Lion is the only pub where someone has tried to sell me contraband underpants.


The Grand Union and the Ship are best for pub quizzes.

Will Yong

Brown Derby, just down from Oval Station. Well kept ales, ok cocktails, DJs and decor but not pretentious. Apparently they have good food but yet to try.


The Prince of Wales is very special


the black prince does the most awesome sunday roasts and has a lovely little garden as well. also has those good-pub must-haves of board games and free papers to read.


The Prince of Wales pub in Cleaver Square near Kennington tube, and Fentiman Arms on Fentiman Road is not too far from Oval tube. Brown Derby near the tube is nice but does feel like a bit of a manufactured 'insta-pub'

Sion Gareth Jones

Fentiman Arms and Oval Lounge for good food and cosy atmos. Zeitgeist for when we fancy German food and lots of beer.


I'd vote for the Doghouse and the Brown Derby. The former has barely changed in years, slightly glued together feel but (usually) nice beer and a convivial atmosphere. The fireplace is pretty much made of wax, too. The latter is fairly new, has a relatively subtle (subtle at the back, not so at the front) 50s/60s theme and usually has three unique beers and a good cocktail list. Avoid the Tommyfield, the owner wanted to attract the 'Clapham crowd' and has achieved it by making it generic, bland and soulless. How apt.

Alex Woodcraft

The Cavendish Arms is more fun and less manufactured than places like The Fentiman (which is still OK)


The Brown Derby and The Black Prince win it for me. Honourable mentions: The Dog House and The Red Lion.

Kennington Chris

The Black Prince and the Tommyfield. Dog House staff are dire