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22 January 2013 | By: M@

Take A Rubbish Tour Of London

Take A Rubbish Tour Of London

Alternative tours of London come in many guises and formats, but here's the first pitching itself as rubbish.

The Rubbish Trip is a 2 mile ramble from Mudchute to Greenwich. We’ll pass historic dumps and landfills, hear the stories of castaway communities and marvel at the methods of transforming the capital’s waste. We’ll learn about Victorian scavengers, like the ash-collecting dustmen and the ‘pure finders’ who picked up dog poo to sell to tanneries. And we’ll go looking for discarded Tudor tobacco pipes on the Thames foreshore.

This unusual sojourn comes from Dotmaker Tours, whose other offerings include a Chimneys and Tunnels tour and a family safari round Greenwich.

The new Rubbish tours (that's Garbage tours or Trash tours for the benefit of North Americans and Google's search bots) take place on 17 February, 17 March and 14 April, or at other times by private booking. Tickets are £8 adults or £6 concessions.


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