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17 January 2013 | Transport | By: M@

Londonist Underground: A Miscellany Of Tunnels

Londonist Underground: A Miscellany Of Tunnels

Continuing our series of original art and photography beneath London's streets.

Today's instalment presents a selection of photos from Londonist readers taken in the various tunnels beneath London. Aldwych ghost station is, almost inevitably, represented. Other images show the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Mail Rail and a strange little road tunnel near Strand. A sixth image shows a humdrum Tube tunnel through colourful filters.

We're still looking for further images for this series...particularly drawings and illustrations (photos are smashing, but have now been over-represented). To enter, simply doodle an image of subterranean London — it could be something factual, like your favourite Tube station; or it could be fictional, like the Shard's little-known S&M dungeon (actually...let's keep that one between ourselves). The best images will appear in a real-world exhibition at the Bishopsgate Institute, which we'll announce more details about shortly...but to be considered, you'll need to submit your entry to matt@londonist.com before Thursday 24 January.

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