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07 December 2012 | By: TimW

The Friday Photos: London Tunnels

The Friday Photos: London Tunnels

London is a city of tunnels. Under our streets, the tube lines and sewers form a massive network (mapped here) but this selection focuses on the sorts of tunnels Londoners walk and drive through.

From the Brunel and Greenwich tunnels running under the river to the graffiti-covered  Waterloo tunnels, they all look rather damp and dreary. At least the unique perspective of tunnels make for interesting snaps.

All images from the Londonist Flickr pool: Mark Hawkins, Imran Ahmad, Gábor Hernádi, Andy Worthington, LiamCH, Lee Jackson, John Esslinger, O.F.E., Andrew Smith and Richard Watkins.


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James Guppy

What have you done with all the Londoner's using these tunnels then! :O)