The Friday Photos: London Fog

The difference between mist and fog, apparently, is down to distance. The thick white stuff is fog if one cannot see further than 1km. In which case we have definitely had a foggy week.

The majority of these images were captured in the last couple of days, during which time London has been shrouded in mystery. It has made the capital look like we imagine it did in Victorian times, with hansom cabs drawing up beneath dulled street lights…

All images, as ever, from the Londonist Flickr pool: Chris Dorley-BrownRudolph van GraanRaviAndrew SalvesonRobin BaumgartenIan WyliePaulIan WyliePeterPaul TaylorMarc Fairhurst and Luke Robinson.

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  • Lynne Gordon

    Stunning, atmospheric pics..thank you!

  • Jennifer Hellkat Sano

    Love the one of Thames Barrier. Fantastic.