Gallery: Shard Evacuated In Fire Drill

When you’re 1016ft above the London skyline, you’d want to know that should anything go wrong, you’ll be able to get back on terra firma quickly and safely.

Which is precisely why the emergency services spent yesterday afternoon practicing getting hundreds of volunteers from the top of the Shard back down to earth in a mock incident.

The scenario was this: a fire in an electrical plant room had knocked out power to the lifts. With 300 people stuck, London Fire Brigade used the Shard’s ‘fire lift’ to safely bring them all back to earth.

Passers-by looked on as 15 fire engines and 75 fire-fighters rolled up. Despite signs explaining that their presence was as part of a drill, many asked with concern what was happening.

The drill is just one of many exercises that London Fire Brigade undertake to test the resilience of incident and evacuation plans.

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  • Melph

    London Ambulance and Police where also present by the way

    • Andy Thornley

      Thanks Melph – they’re not mentioned in the text but you can see both the Met and LAS in the images. They were indeed there too.