Final Section Of Overground Network Opens In South London

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Final Section Of Overground Network Opens In South London

London has a new 'outer circle' railway from today, as the last stretch of the London Overground opens between Surrey Quays and Clapham Junction. It's the final phase of a five-year project that's seen various suburban rail routes knitted together to form one of the country's most reliable and regular train services.

The new section is almost seven miles long, with stops at Clapham Junction, Wandsworth Road, Clapham High Street, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queens Road Peckham and Surrey Quays. A further stop at Surrey Canal Road, next to Millwall's ground, is earmarked for future development. Transport for London reckons the link will take thousands of passenger journeys out of central London, easing the burden on the Jubilee Line, among other services.

The opening of the new rail link isn't universally popular. Apart from a short section to the east, it follows existing rail tracks, which means some established services have to give way. Particularly galling for some passengers will be the loss of direct services into central London, such as Queens Road to Victoria or Denmark Hill to London Bridge.

Diamond Geezer recently walked the entire route, and gives an overview of its impact on Clapham and Clapham Junction, Denmark Hill and Brixton, Peckham and Surrey Quays. To give DG one final link, today's opening marks the last anticipated change to TfL's transport map until 2016, following several years of frenetic activity.

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Last Updated 09 December 2012


reliable and regular train service? lul.

James Miller

I rode the first train from Highbury and Islington to Clapham Junction this morning. All went well except for a small amount of trouble with the station displays at the destination.

The passengers were the usual load of anoraks, except for a doctor going to work at Kings College Hospital from his home in Hoxton. He was very much in favour of the new line.

I live close to Dalston Junction and I will use the line, when I go south to somewhere like Winchester or Southampton.

There will of course be people who won't like the new routing, but just like the main part of the ELL, I think most will adjust.

Remember though, that the old service would have had to be suspended because of the rebuilding of London Bridge station.

This topic should be revisited in a few moths, as I suspect evetybody's views will be different.

Jonn Elledge

Pity about the big gap between Denmark Hill and Clapham. You'd think they'd at least look into reopening East Brixton.


I used to be able to travel from home to work easily on the loop-line from Denmark Hill to Victoria or London Bridge (and often used the stops in between), so I am one of the commuters who are having to adjust when/how they travel. Of course, some commuters will be pleased by the changes - but the loop-line was excellent for South Londoners joining up the SE and SW locations south of the river - (especially when snow affected trains that were supposed to come in from Kent). And now there are plans to cut the services to Blackfriars and beyond that normally come through Denmark Hill. Seems to me this is all about new income streams: those coming in from the burbs represent more money than the poor inner London borough commuters from Lambeth and Southwark.