Competition: Win A Rainwave Waterproof Poncho

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rainwave 365.

Rainwave is the brainwave of two Londoners who couldn’t find a raincoat that was 100% waterproof, lightweight, breathable and stylish. So they made their own.

These waterproof ponchos fit over your normal coat and have hood space for coiffed hair or a hat. They suit all ages and all seasons and the packaway design with matching waterproof pouch means you can carry one in your bag and never be caught out by the weather.

Throw one over whatever you’re wearing, walk through thundery showers or snowstorms feeling comfortable and dry then whip it off and pack it away when you reach shelter.

Rainwave comes in seven different designs, from a stand-out blue animal print to a forest rain print and cost £55. Next year’s collection will include ponchos for cyclists with reflective stripes and even matching ones for dogs.

Rainwave are offering one Londonist reader a free poncho in the print of their choice. All you have to do is tell us your favourite thing to do in London in the rain in the comments below.


Go to Rainwave’s Facebook page for inspiration and while you’re there you can also check out Clint Eastwood, Rita Hayworth and the Mona Lisa modelling their Rainwaves. You can also take advantage of a 20% off seasonal offer.

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  • Lindsey Clarke

    KMarketingNinja on Twitter says “eat mint-chocolate chip ice cream”

  • Lindsey Clarke

    fionamator on Twitter says “Take reflective night photographs of Big Ben & Houses of Parliament in puddles”

  • Sandip

    Sing, dance and jump :-)

  • Lindsey Clarke

    lauracinders on Twitter says “Put on my big red wellies and stomp through the puddles! #danceintherain”

  • Lindsey Clarke

    algrsilva on Twitter says “Go to a Museum”

  • Lindsey Clarke

    afuzy on Twitter says “a rainy day in London? Ride on the Themes on the amphibious bus in my waterproof #Rainwave poncho”

  • Lindsey Clarke

    northernmunki on Twitter says “I like to dress up as a duck and have a bit of a splashabout.”

  • Nomi, Tilde

    I like walking in the parks toward Trafalgar Square or South Kensington, and visit ICA, National Gallery, Science Museum, and Natural History Museum, etc., whilst enjoying unpredicted happenings on my way. If I don’t have to go home early, I also like to stop at somewhere like St. Martin’s in the Fields and Spice of Life to listen some music.

  • Sara Ho

    I’d put on my waterproof boots and have a short walk in a park before sitting next to the window in a cafe with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

  • miguel

    Explore one of the many museums and galleries and end the day on a cinema or pub, depending the vibe you’re at :p

  • fatlantis

    Take in a movie and hope the trip home isn’t worse than the trip in.

  • Stefan

    I prefer to just get out there and relax, enjoy it for what it’s worth.

  • rosi

    I love to cycle in Regents Cannal on working days.

  • Nicole

    I enjoy walking through any of the larger London parks when it’s raining. Everyone else is inside so they’re empty, and all of the trees are dripping. They’re especially beautiful in the evenings.

  • Sue Gilfrin

    When it’s raining you cant beat sitting at Boxpark under their big umberellas with the outdoor heating on, eating a pie and mash from Pieminister and drinking a soda from Cybercandy!

  • FV

    When it’s raining, you can’t beat the British Museum!

  • Michael Skelly

    Gene Kelly it up

  • Alessandro

    I love to walk along the South Thames path enjoying the dim lights and the watery smells that the rain brings out

  • Adam Christie

    I like to listen to the rain beat down on the roofs of the railway stations.

  • Samantha

    On a rainy Saturday, I love to head to Borough Market and enjoy the mellow morning, followed by Tate Modern and then a relaxing hour at my favourite cafe (TimberYard) on Old Street with a cuppa

  • Uli

    Keep calm, don a waterproof and carry on!

  • Bolkos

    Sitting on a bench and getting completely soaked whilst overlooking what’s going on around me.

  • Jonathan Seyghal

    Walk along the Thames near Kingston, watching the surface of the river gently (or not) shimmer with each falling drop. Especially at night this can be memorising as the reflection of the town lights are distorted by nature.

  • Leia

    I enjoy heading to a movie on a rain ~ makes me feel less guilty being inside when it’s wet & cold outside.

  • Maki

    Go for a swim in the rain in the heated roof-top pool at Oasis sports centre, surrounded by neighbouring flats and office windows

  • almightymat

    I like to walk around smugly wearing a free waterproof poncho…

    • Lindsey

      And your comment has been randomly selected as the winner! Congratulations, we’ll email you.

      • almightymat

        Brilliant, thanks! Have you emailed already? Nothing showing in my inbox or spam folder…ta!

  • pollsstar

    I like walking past all the buses and cars stuck in traffic, due to bad weather, full of people unable to see out of the windows because they are all steamed up……

  • Violetta Konar

    Sitting at an independent cafe and looking outside at the life going by (suitable for any weather really, ain’t it)

  • this is lemonade

    Hurry up and get home, make a lovely cuppa tea and have a biccie (or four)! I love the rain from indoors but especially don’t like diving in and out of stations, standing at bus stops shivering and then carrying a soaking umbrella on public transport :P

  • Lindsey Clarke

    gillymoore1980 on Twitter says “go to @theranelaghn11 for a pint and their delicious fish and chips”

  • sabz

    go to dishoom with a bunch of friends to have an awesome cup of masala chai.

  • keljimstock

    I like to take all my clothes and jump in the Paddington branch of the Regents Canal

  • keljimstock

    That should be off,of course, or even offa if one is under twenty five.

  • Laura M

    Run a hot bubble bath and lie back with a Baileys hot chocolate listening to the rain against the windows…

  • Matt

    Find a black cab quickly.

  • Gemma

    Extend my umbrella, put on my sparkly gumboots and find the most puddle-infested route to meander through on my way home.

  • JudithSummerton


  • Jevi

    nothing beats walking in the rain …. as long as its not too cold for that

  • Pete A

    Splash through the puddles like a big kid!

  • Dan Brown

    Find the highest spot available so I can watch the showers wash over the city while Londoners with colourful coats and brollies scurry and hurry about below like a soggy game of Pac-Man.

  • Andrew Rutherford

    Look through the puddle; watch London in reverse.

  • col

    I like to sit under my corrugated iron roof and close my eyes, holding warm tea

  • Ray

    watch the raindrops chase down the windows of my favourite pub while I feel the heat of a log fire on my back

  • NCL

    Walking along Southbank and admire the architect/buildings/urban landscape and possible stop over at a coffee shop/pub along the Southbank…

  • K ♡ C

    When it rains, it’s the perfect time to check out one of many legendary West End plays! With chances to get last minute offers, it’s fun to be spontaneous in choosing which one to go see!

  • Elna

    Listen to the rain drumming against my window while drinking a nice and warm tea.. blanket is a bonus!

  • Charlotte Story

    Swim in London Fields Lido then shark hunt in the puddles in London Fields

  • Bridge Williams

    Perfect dog walking weather. Barely another soul in the park apart from fellow dog walkers. Jewels on cobwebs, the sweet smell of green and wet nature. Magic.