Boxing Day Tube Strike Confirmed

Planning on visiting the Boxing Day sales? You might want to think through your transport options. It’s just been confirmed that London Underground drivers will strike on 26 December. Members of union Aslef voted 9-1 in favour of industrial action, something of an annual tradition for disgruntled staff. Strikes will also occur on 18 and 25 January.

The bone of contention is an existing agreement between Transport for London and the unions, giving staff extra annual leave and pay if they choose to work some bank holidays. Aslef accuses TfL of scope creep, with drivers now working the majority of the bank holidays for insufficient remuneration. Details of the demands have not been widely circulated, so it’s difficult to make any deeper assessment.

On the other hand, with Tube drivers receiving up to £61,000 a year including benefits, many will find any industrial action over pay conditions difficult to fathom.

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  • sarah

    including employer pension contributions in the £61k is a little disingenous, especially when the same wasn’t done to the comparator salaries in the telegraph article. free travel is only worth the maximum amount if you would’ve actually used a 1-6 travelcard. poor show londonist.

    • Dave H

      The Telegraph article does however quote the “basic tube drivers’ salary” (presumably before any other part of the package is added) as £42,424 — that’s about 1.6 times the national average.

      Once you add the seemingly excellent leave entitlement and other benefits, that’s a pretty decent package, no matter how you look at it.

  • Wendel

    Is there any other city the size of London where public transport shuts down completely on Christmas day? It makes me very angry that on top of that Tube drivers make it an annual tradition to strike the following day, thus hurting travellers and businesses that depend on Boxing Day aales for their income.

  • Mark Walley

    Do we know if the Tube is going to run a limited service though, or is this a full on shut down?

  • Somersetchris

    Many will find the last paragraph inflammatory and opinionated. Not impartial, which the Londonist normally is

    • MattFromLondonist

      Thanks. I’ve altered the final paragraph to better reflect that the 61K includes the benefits. I’m keeping the sentiment, though, to balance the previous paragraph which puts Aslef’s point of view.

  • David Alderson

    FANTASTIC!!!!, the only organisation that works in London on boxing day is retail. Why would ANYONE want to shop on boxing day, which should be a time for family and friends. If you can’t have your shopping fix on the other 364 days of the year then you have a problem… Retail is just greedy and bully staff into working ridiculously long hours in search of the almighty pound, this will serve them right when costs them more in staff than profits! FULL SUPPORT TO THE STRIKERS!!!

    • Mark Walley

      Yes! We should all go see our families and friends instead! Mine live up the Piccadilly line from me!


    • Guss

      The police, firemen, nurses and doctors. Theatre workers, carers.
      I’m sure there a few I’ve missed out.

  • Alfred Bugeja

    £61,000 is 50% more than what the Chief Justice earns in Malta, where I live.

  • visoin55
  • Richard J

    Tube drivers strike on a day which affects families trying to visit each other. Let’s face it – they want an extra day’s holiday. They lost any support or sympathy they had from me. Sack the lot of them.