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London Through A Fish-Eye Lens

By Londonist Last edited 55 months ago
London Through A Fish-Eye Lens

Londonist reader, Viktor Németh, recently got his hands on an ultra-wide angle lens fisheye (a Sigma 4.5mm/2.8 crop for those of you with a technical bent).

He's been out shooting the city getting a more rounded perspective on London. Some of the locations are made beautifully alien through the fisheye, others bend to the lens with a delightful loopiness.

We've left captions in the white space below so you can guess at the stranger ones.

All photos by Viktor Németh.

1. Tower Bridge, southern pillar

2. Southwark Station, interior lights, mid-lower level

3. More London Place

4. Canary Wharf, bus passing

5. Green Park on a sunny autumn afternoon

6. Westminster Station

7. Houses of Parliament, HDR

8. Piccadilly Circus, London Branded cab

9. Feeding the pigeons, Hyde Park

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James Guppy

Tower Bridge, Jubiliee line Station (Southwark?), near Mayors office, Canary Wharf, Hyde Park(?), Westminster Station, HoP, PC, Serpentine.