Google Maps Turns Surgeons Into Searchers

With all the recent hoo-ha over Apple’s mobile app switch from Google Maps to whatever the goose-crap they replaced it with, it’s worth remembering that Google’s mapping service is also prone to peculiar errors. A new example of this can be seen in the Holborn area where the Royal College of Surgeons is displaying as the Royal College of Searchers. Are the sawbones of Lincoln’s Inn Fields among London’s biggest users of Google’s search engine? Or is it a sly synonymic nod to the Hunterian Museum, housed within the College?

Thanks to Sian of Domestic Sluttery for the tip-off.

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  • Michael Hajioannou

    Is this a photoshop prank? or are Google very quick at fixing things? Its correct on my google maps!

  • Ben

    It only does it at one zoom level. If you zoom further in it corrects itself.

  • Randomly London

    This likely done as kind of Trap street (, a way for cartographers to tell if someone has copied their maps. Crops up pretty regularly on Google Maps.

  • Matt

    My iPhone shows St Katherine Docks as St Katherine’s Dock. It also sometime says there’s a Morrison’s where the Waitrose is at certain zoom levels. It’s weird, they seem to be human errors, but surely most of the information to build a map is digital, computer generated, not human? Odd.

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