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19 November 2012 | By: M@

Giant Toilet Sculpture Appears Near Tower Bridge

Giant Toilet Sculpture Appears Near Tower Bridge

So the rumours were true. A 4.5-metre-high porcelain sculpture of a human taking a dump can now be seen outside City Hall. The temporary installation is the work of arts collective Greyworld. It marks World Toilet Day (19 November), which highlights the plight of the estimated 1 billion people who don't have access to decent sanitation.

The cumbersome bum-person does more than passively squat outside the Mayor's office. It's an interactive pooper. Visitors to the sculpture, or the project website, can upload short videos or photos of their own faces (that's faces), which then flicker on the defecator's countenance.

The sculpture will remain in shitu all day, and is appropriately sponsored by Domestos.


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Laurie Dengel

Well it's someone taking a dump in the appropriate place - Brilliant!!