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Giant LEGO Advent Calendar Arrives In Covent Garden

Giant LEGO Advent Calendar Arrives In Covent Garden

LEGO — along with David Attenborough, The Muppets' Christmas Carol and Bourbon biscuits — is one of the items in that smallest of sets: stuff that everyone loves. If you tell us you don't love any of these things, then you are lying. So surely everyone in London will want to get down to Covent Garden to see the maaaasive LEGO advent calendar that's just been installed.

It's built from some 600,000 bricks by Duncan Titmarsh, who apparently revels in the title of "the UK’s only certified LEGO technician". (Which meaning of the word 'certified' this involves, we're not sure.)

Like every advent calendar, the doors will be opened one at a time between 1-24 December. Head down to the Piazza any day at 4pm to see what lurks inside (hint: more LEGO).

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Matteo Gremese

you mispelled his name, it's Duncan Titmarsh. Please give him the right credits.