Comedy Review: Judith Lucy @ Soho Theatre

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 74 months ago
Comedy Review: Judith Lucy @ Soho Theatre

Bear with us, Australians, while we catch up. Because you've all known about Judith Lucy for years while the stupid Poms scratched our heads and muttered 'who'? But then we watched a couple of YouTube videos, laughed up our lunch and headed for the Soho Theatre.

Perhaps the closest comedic cousin Lucy has on these shores is Jo Brand: they share a similar love of dry, direct delivery and minute, occasionally gynecological, detail. Judith Lucy is middle aged and single, but instead of going off on the Eat, Pray, Love route she wrote a book called Drink, Smoke, Pass Out. We thought that was just a gag but no! It actually exists. This is Londonist's kind of comedian.

Her set is straight stand up, which comes as a shock to the system in the post-Edinburgh months where everyone's touring their themed shows. But a pleasant shock. You sometimes forget how good it is just to have one person talking with no narrative route in sight, no end goal that has to be reached and no life lesson that needs to be shared. Just jokes: jokes about gifts, jokes about craft magazines, jokes about waxing, self-deprecating, arch, glorious jokes. Don't let the Aussies have all the fun: go see.

Judith Lucy: Nothing Fancy is on at the Soho Theatre, Dean Street, until 1 December, 9pm, £12.50-£20. See the Soho Theatre website for more information. We saw this show on a press ticket.

Last Updated 23 November 2012