Giant Shitting Figure To Grace City Hall?

Artist Michael Breakey at work on the piece.

NOTE: Image has been altered after the artist took umbrage at our early, um, leak.

We’re not yet entirely convinced that this isn’t a media wind-up, but it’s too juicy not to flag up. If the press release is to be believed, a giant statue of a defecating person will soon be installed outside City Hall. The pooping figure is designed by Neil Gavin of Greyworld collective to raise awareness of sanitary issues around the world — up to two-fifths of people live in unsanitary conditions, and an estimated 1 billion must defecate in public.

The sculpture (in high relief?) will appear on 19 November to mark World Toilet Day (that definitely is real). A screen on its face will show videos or photos of members of the public, uploaded to the project web site (not working at the time of writing).

You might remember Gavin’s name from such works as the Trafalgar Sun earlier this year, and The Source installation inside the London Stock Exchange. This latest piece should fuel plenty of toilet humour, particularly given its high profile location next to the Mayor’s office. We christen it the Boris Bog.

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  • Andy Thornley

    Just… wow.

  • Simon Lwrome

    Man’s ability to distort is super boundless. Another ‘Shock Banality’.

  • bravenewmalden

    Shitty Hall.

    • MattFromLondonist
  • Greyworld

    You will be able to project your face on to the Squatting Man by visiting a website and recording a few seconds of video…

    The picture is of Mr Michael Breakey, part of greyworld