Beatles Fans Flummoxed By Abbey Road Namesake

The other Abbey Road: It's nowhere, man.

When it opened last year, we predicted that the new Abbey Road station on the DLR extension might befuddle Beatles fans trying to visit the famed studios and zebra crossing that their idols once graced.

Seems we weren’t far wrong: the Washington Post reports that the station is attracting confused fans at a fair clip, with many found wandering around the Stratford environs searching in vain for one of the great musical shrines. One local newsagent reporting that he’s having to break the bad news to around a dozen disappointed visitors every day.

Although it isn’t an uncommon name in London (there’s a total of 11, according to the Post) this is the first time that Abbey Road has graced the Tube map, meaning it was always likely to attract a certain kind of incurious tourist who doesn’t bother checking in advance. One can only appreciate their disappointment when they step out in Elephant and Castle.

Image via Google Street View.

  • ASLEF shrugged

    At Stratford you regularly get tourists stepping off the Jubilee Line asking for directions to
    Shakespeare’s house. One day I’m opening a pub in E15 with that name……

  • Mark Walley

    Disappointing Tube Names:

    Elephant and Castle
    Oxford Circus

    • Dean Nicholas

      There might be a post in this…

    • TheLondoneer

      I wouldn’t call Elephant & Castle disappointing in respect of it’s name – it’s one of the most intriguing place names in London…

  • SmittenbyBritain

    What’s wrong with Elephant and Castle? ;-P

    • Dean Nicholas

      Nothing at all. But if you go there expecting elephants and / or castles, you might be disappointed.

      • SmittenbyBritain

        Sorry, that was meant to be tongue n cheek. Elephant and Castle is actually one of my favourite Tube names for just that reason.

  • Warren King

    #DisappointingTubeNames I once went looking for people with big hair at ‘High Barnet’!

  • Warren King

    #DisappointingTubeNames ‘Cyprus’ on the DLR, wasn’t quite what I was expecting either

  • TheLondoneer

    Abbey Rd does have a very nice community garden…