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15 November 2012 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Art Review: From Victoria To Arcadia @ Marlborough Fine Art

Art Review: From Victoria To Arcadia @ Marlborough Fine Art

Clive Head is a painter who creates realistic scenes of London with such skill and attention to detail that from a distance they appear to be photographs. Yet he doesn't shy away from creating massive works that immerse visitors to the point that they feel their inner commuter coming on.

London Underground stations are one of Head's favourite muses, and this exhibition focuses on Victoria in particular. No detail is left out in his works – from the no smoking sign on the wall to all the souvenirs available in the gift shop outside the station.

The people in his works also reflect the true London spirit – head down and only interested in getting into the station, even if they're on the phone.

Underground stations are an integral part of London, from the narrow entrances to the ubiquitous Evening Standard stalls that come with it. Head has done an excellent job of perfectly capturing the look and feel of Victoria.

Clive Head: From Victoria to Arcadia is on display at Marlborough Fine Art, 6 Albemarle Street, from 14 November to 8 December.

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