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19 October 2012 | By: TimW

The Friday Photos: Stag Party

The Friday Photos: Stag Party

Resident since 1529, when London was a long old journey away, the deer of Richmond Park are one of the natural wonders of modern London.

Both public and the media love our cervine friends. They are source of numerous and amusing news stories ('Stag chases man up tree' and the legendary 'Fenton!') and of course beautiful photography. Autumn is the best time to snap the bucks and stags. It is breeding season, which means roaring and antler clashing from the males.

The light and colour of autumn provides a magnificent backdrop to this display of strutting, as shown particularly in three images captured this week by Alex Witt.

All images from the Londonist Flickr pool: Alex Witt (x3), Stephen Chung (x2), Laurence Tucker, John Esslinger, Don Kiddick and D A Scott.


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Deer also live in the nearby Bushy Park, which is where the stag chased that unfortunate fellow up the tree.