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11 October 2012 | By: M@

Steampunk Version Of The Shard Created For New Video Game

Steampunk Version Of The Shard Created For New Video Game

It's only been structurally complete for a few months, but already the Shard is working its way into popular culture. These images show a steampunk reworking of the tower by way of promotion for the new video game Dishonored.

While not actually set in London, the game draws heavily from the capital's architecture and character, as well as riffing on Edinburgh.

Dishonored's artistic developers visited each city extensively to study the key aspects to help them create a world that merged our two capitals, twisted iconic landmarks and re-imagined our rich heritage to produce an alternative look on how these cities may have been if history had taken another route.

That alternative historical route presumably includes an adoption of US spelling, given the game's title.

Sadly, the Shard doesn't actually feature in the game, but plenty of other corrupted London landmarks, including Big Ben and London Bridge do.

The first-person action game, in which you play a supernatural assassin, is released tomorrow (12 October) for Xbox, PS3 and PC from Bethesda Softworks, makers of the popular Elder Scrolls series. The reviews are looking good.

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you guys mean steampunk right?