London Ambassadors Back In Uniform

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 68 months ago
London Ambassadors Back In Uniform

Yesterday we asked what City Hall was planning to do with London's Olympic volunteering legacy after Veronica Wadley, in charge of the programme, didn't seem to have any vision or ideas. Turns out there was a plan all along, she just evidently didn't want to tell the London Assembly about it. (Seems a bit weird to put a press embargo above accountability and transparency, but there you go.)

London Ambassadors are back at St Pancras until 11 November, in a pilot scheme to welcome people getting off the Eurostar. Around 175 Ambassadors will be in Trafalgar Square tomorrow to help NFL fans coming to London for the fan rally, and at Wembley for the game on Sunday. Other pilots include selling poppies on 1 November, popping up at events at the O2, Saracens home games and Gatwick next year.

Of the 8,000 who took part in the original scheme, 2,000 want to be involved in the pilots. They're doing exactly what they did – and were so good at – in summer. Is this what they should be doing, or is there scope for the volunteers to do more?

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Last Updated 26 October 2012


Seems a shame not to invite the 70,000 Games Makers (such as myself) to participate in some way in further volunteering opportunities too...


IJW1981 - Given that all media coverage over the summer went to Games Makers and the London Ambassador volunteers barely got a mention (even in BBC London coverage of the return of the Ambassadors this morning they only showed Games Makers), let the Ambassadors get some coverage now otherwise it'll be all about the Games Makers again. I'm sure they'll be given the opportunity at some point in the future. But at the moment, the shifts for St Pancras and NFL are oversubscribed with just the Ambassadors alone.