Free Transport For Londoners At 60

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Free Transport For Londoners At 60

From 1 November, any Londoner aged 60 or over will be able to travel round the city for free. The Mayor of London has announced a 60+ Oyster photocard that lowers the age of free transport. The concession will work on the Tube, buses, DLR, trams and Overground, as well as most national rail services outside peak hours but inside London. Boats and cable cars will still cost you.

Until recently, anyone who'd blown out 60 candles could enjoy gratis travel on the Freedom Pass, issued by London councils. In 2010, the Government increased the qualification age for a Freedom Pass to 61, in line with national pensions for women. The Mayor's new scheme acts as a stopgap, offering free travel for that stolen year. Annoyingly for haters of admin, the 60+ Oyster must be replaced by the Freedom Pass once the carrier reaches qualification age (i.e. one year later), rather than remaining valid for life.

Applications for the 60+ Oyster can be made from 17 October via the TfL website. Applicants must be resident in London, of the correct age, and have a valid email address. Photo ID and a £10 fee will also be required. TfL estimates around 100,000 applications off the bat, with a further 10,000 enquiries per month.

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Mr Reasonable

It is not free. Residents in each borough have to pick up the bill and the cost will be paid through the GLA precept. Boris is happy to claim the publicity for giving this away but he seems shy when you ask who actually pays. In Barnet the cost of freedom passes is approximately £70 per household. This will push that bill even higher. I don't begrudge people having a freedom pass but I do wish Boris and TFL would be honest as to how it is funded,


A bit misleading. The age at which you get the Freedom Pass is linked to the state retirment age for Women - which is a movable feast. For example if you turned sixty on 1st Oct 2012 you won't be eligible for a freedom pass until 6th March 2015. If you're not 60 until 1st October next year - 2013 - you will have to wait until 6th March 2018 for your pass. See


I thought the public transports "absolutely" needed money for improvements, and that the 8% raise last year was necessary ... and now, instead of helping all the customers to pay for their transport, Boris offers free passes to a few... and (mostly) offers himself free publicity over the purse of tax-payers! That's just bullshit

Terry Cee

Sadly, I am disqualified by 2 miles and the width of the Thames. Few busses run around North Surrey anyway, and those that do stop in desolate industrail estates at 9pm and dissappear back into London in fear of turning into something useful, like a pumpkin.