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05 October 2012 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Art Review: Andrew Mackenzie @ Sarah Myerscough

Art Review: Andrew Mackenzie @ Sarah Myerscough

Andrew Mackenzie produces washed out natural landscapes and augments them with layers of geometric designs and brightly coloured trees to create a surreal and eye-catching ode to humanity's impact on nature.

All of the man-made structures in his paintings are presented in a semi-transparent fashion, a comment on the fact that people may alter the landscape but nature will always persist despite it. Many of his wire-frame additions are based on existing structures such as a fence that permits viewers to safely observe a raging waterfall.

Mackenzie uses searingly bright colours to draw the viewer's attention to a particular battle in the foreground, with the linear structure trying to contain a tree as it breaks through.

Considering contemporary landscape is often seen as a tired genre, it's great to see an artist that breaks the mould and presents work with a visually distinct style.

Andrew Mackenzie: Silver between the Falls is on display at Sarah Myerscough, 15-16 Brooks Mews, W1K 4DS until 3 November. Admission is free.

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