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28 October 2012 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Art Preview: CA Halpin — CAN TS PELLE @ A Brooks Art

Art Preview: CA Halpin — CAN TS PELLE @ A Brooks Art

The East End of London is an area under continuous transformation. Although the tech and arts boom in Shoreditch has made it the place to be for many twenty somethings, there are parts of east London that haven't received so much attention.

CA Halpin is a photographer who tries to capture the parts of the East End that this boom has overlooked. She focusses on leftover objects and detritus in areas that themselves have been left behind, making for an interesting symmetry. The subject might be an inexplicable green goo on the pavement, for example, or a child's toy in front of a shop that's long been abandoned.

It's not all gloomy subject matter, and there's a mischievous sense of humour at work. Halpin has always had an affinity for the often bizarre headlines from the Hackney Gazette newspaper boards, so we can expect more of these in her latest exhibition.

Halpin is a photographer who is able to find beauty, humour and a deeper message within discarded objects and areas. So we can expect this exhibition to be a reminder of the abandoned streets of London but also a playful look at the brighter side as well.

CA Halpin: CAN TS PELLE is on display at A Brooks Art, 194-6 Hoxton St, N1 5LH from 1 November to 1 December. Admission is free.

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