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11 September 2012 | News | By: Andy Thornley

Team GB Olympic And Paralympic Parade Part 1: The Athletes

Team GB Olympic And Paralympic Parade Part 1: The Athletes

The first of two photo galleries marking the finalé to The Games.

Delaying the nation's collective come-down for another 24 hours, an Olympic and Paralympic parade yesterday weaved its way through the streets of London, featuring the Olympic and Paralympic athletes who made up Team GB.

Hundreds of thousands lined the streets to congratulate the athletes and those who made the Games a success, with around 90% of the athletes who represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland taking part on 21 separate floats.

Highlights included:

  • Up to 9,000 Games Makers were invited to watch the finale of the parade at the Mall.
  • Royal Mail Staff walked alongside the parade carrying versions of the gold medal-winners’ stamps.
  • A British Airways plane used to bring the Olympic flame to the UK and carrying the words ‘Thank You’ on its underbelly, led a flypast of the Red Arrows.
  • The Coldstream Guards were one of the regiments providing music – playing such toe-tappers as 'Rule the World' by Take That, the James Bond theme and ‘First Steps’ by Elbow.
  • Further music was provided on the custom-built stage by the Pet Shop Boys, Amy MacDonald, Kissy Sell Out, The Noisettes and the now customary sight of Katherine Jenkins singing the national anthem.
A second gallery will follow, showing the crowds and the fly-past.

Big thanks go to British Airways for their generous hospitality during the Games, and for their innovative use of the hashtag #HomeAdvantage, which was used more than 85,000 times.

Words by Andy Thornley, pictures by Andy Thornley and José Farinha.

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so many thrilled people


Please get this right: The volunteers in purple & red are the 70,000 Gamesmakers run by LOCOG, the 8,500 volunteers in pink & purple are London Ambassadors run by Boris, and were the ones doing most of the work at the Parade. Gamesmakers were for inside the venues & Ambassadors were for outside. When praise is heaped on Gamesmakers alone, this excludes the Ambassadors (and upsets them). All the 8,500 London Ambassadors were joined in the Mall by roughly the same number of Gamesmakers, yet nobody ever mentions the Ambassadors, who were just as deserving, but receive hardly any of the praise and get continually confused or ignored by the press - the i yesterday even referred to everyone as Games Ambassadors, hedging your bets I guess!