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London Puzzles: Turning Your Back On London

By M@
London Puzzles: Turning Your Back On London

The six pictures above, all from Google Street View, are taken from some of London's most famous locations. Thing is, we've turned our backs to the attractions to look the other way. Can you work out where each shot is taken? Add guesses in the comments, but only one answer per person, to give a few people a chance.

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Last Updated 08 September 2012


Is the third one Tower Hill and the 5th Buckingham Palace?


1 ?
2 London Eye
3 Tower of London
4 Nelson's Column
5 Buckingham Palace
6 ?

Steven Shrago

1 Whitechapel Gallery


1 dk
2 barbican
3 tower
4 trafalgar
5 buckingham
6 dk

An Evil Scientist

With some crazy guesses I'm going for;
1 The Shard
2 Wembley Stadium
3 Tower of London
4 Nelsons Column/Trafalgar Sq
5 Buckingham Palace
6 The Olympic Park


6 Arsenal or The Emirates


1 Whitechapel Gallery
2 Millenium Eye
3 Tower of London
4 National Gallery/Trafalgar Square
5 Buckingham Palace
6 Brompton Cemetery?


No. 6 is the Emirates Stadium


1: Whitechapel Road, nr. Aldgate East
2: London Eye (facing towards Elizabeth House/Waterloo station)
3: Tower Hill (facing away from the Tower)
4: Trafalgar Square (facing away from Nelson's column towards Whitehall)
5: The Mall (facing away from Buckingham palace)
6: Drayton Park (facing away from Emirates Stadium)

Aditya Darp

1. Whitechappel Art Gallery.
2. London Eye, Belvedere Road / Chicheley Street

3. Tower Hill

4. Trafalgar Sq

5. Buckingham Palace

6. ?? Could not guess.. :(


Could 1 be the gherkin? This, by the way, is an awesome competition.