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London Puzzles: Faulty Mapping

By M@
London Puzzles: Faulty Mapping

Remember in French text books at school, when the hapless Jean-Claude would eagerly open a new letter from his pen-pal, only to spill coffee all over the verbs? Like, every week. And always over the verbs. 'Zut Alors!', as we believe all French people say in such situations.

Well, we've had a similar calamity. We accidentally opened Google Maps, mistakenly ported screenshots into Photoshop and clumsily wiped colour brushes all over the Tube station names. Can you use your skill and/or judgment to help us work out which Tube station is shown in each case?

Add your answers in the comments below.

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Last Updated 14 September 2012

Big Jim 79

Charing Cross

Big Jim 79

Canada Water?

Big Jim 79

Mile End

Big Jim 79

Clapham North

Big Jim 79

Euston Square

Scott L

The first one's got to be Embankment


im going for

1. embankment
4. clapham north

6. canada water


is 3. Bank?

Paul Treloar

Finchley Road and Frognal


Embankment, Euston Square, Bank?, ??, Stratford, ??

Liz D

Embankment, Euston Sq, Bank, Clapham North, Mile End, Canada Water.


Embankment - that one was easy hmmm .... Euston Square. Bank. Clapham North.Mile End?? Canada Water.


Embankment, Euston Square, Bank, Clapham North, Mile End, Canada Water.

This was fun to figure out :-D


Got Embankment and Euston Square - if 3 is Bank, it's really skewed! - had to look up the other 3: Clapham North, Mile End and Canada Water. More please!


Embankment, Clapham North, Mile End and Euston Square ?????