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24 September 2012 | Art & Photography | By: Lindsey

Lis Watson: Sketches From A Jubilympic Summer

Lis Watson: Sketches From A Jubilympic Summer

Lis Watson was inspired to get back into drawing after a conversation with some old art college friends outside the Royal Festival Hall last year. She decided to publish her sketches online, as a way of ensuring she kept up with it.

We stumbled across her sketches from the summer of London 2012 and loved them. On a day that's wet and grey, it's delightful to look back on scenes from the Jubilee and relive crowds enjoying Olympic events.

Browse more of Lis' online sketchbook which includes lots of London interest.

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I am so glad Ms Watson decided to get back into sketching - I loved looking at these! She has great talent, with the ability to illustrate accurately without being over-fussy, and captures the spirit and atmosphere of the event/subject perfectly. These are very much 'feel good' pictures, bringing back lovely summer 2012 memories :D