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05 September 2012 | Film | By: M@

Judge Dredd Mural Greets Heathrow Arrivals With A Massive Gun

Next time you're flying into Heathrow, look out for this heavily armoured man pointing his gun up at the flightpath. He's not a terrorist, he's Judge Dredd.

This giant mural on a Windsor warehouse was created by urban art agency Soulful Creative as a slightly unsettling way to promote the new Dredd movie. The Judge's views on a third runway are not recorded.

Here's how the five-metre law enforcer was put together by two artists:

The film, Dredd 3D, is by all accounts a solid reimagining of the 2000AD character, last played to dismal non-acclaim by Sylvester Stallone in the mid-90s. The new film is released in the UK on Friday 7 September.


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Simon Bisley's Dredd....'nuff said!!


excellent, can't wait for the movie