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28 September 2012 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Art Review: British Wildlife Photography @ Horniman Museum

Art Review: British Wildlife Photography @ Horniman Museum

Wildlife documentaries and competitions like Wildlife Photographer of the Year are constantly reminding us of the exotic creatures that populate the far flung corners of the earth, but what about the wildlife closer to home?

The British Wildlife Photography Awards celebrates the diversity of our own photogenic animals and environments. Though the 2012 winners have been announced, the Horniman Museum is offering a last chance to see 2011’s collection of breathtaking shots.

The ‘aaah factor’ is well represented, including a yawning fox and a grey seal pup nuzzling the camera. But cute perceptions are tossed aside when confronted by a tabby gripping a dead blackbird chick in its jaws.

Many familiar British species star — a kingfisher sat upon a cobwebbed perch and a flock of starlings against a setting sun — these highlight that well known creatures captured in the right moment still hold the ability to captivate us. The bizarre scorpion fly that looks like a lab experiment gone wrong provides an exotic contrast.

The winner is Richard Shucksmith's jellyfish that doesn't look like it belongs on this planet, let alone off the shores of Britain.

This is an excellent set of photographs and a reminder of the amazing wildlife and habitats we have within the British Isles.

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2011 is on display at the Horniman Museum, 100 London Road, SE23 3PQ until 24 February 2013. Admission is free.

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Beautiful images. I find nature so pure and tranquil.