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16 August 2012 | By: Lindsey

The London Look: Finalists & Winners Announced

The London Look: Finalists & Winners Announced

The challenge of sifting through our fifty something strong shortlist of photos encapsulating the spirit of the 'London look' and whittling them down to ten proved too tough for our panel of experts, alas.

But instead we've wound up with 14 fab photos that will go on display as prints in Gallery Square at the Horniman Museum, two of which — the final two above — have been selected as overall winners.

Congratulations to all the finalists and especially to Robbie Ewing and Pete Zelewski. We can't wait to see your work on the walls of the Museum.

Good news for all those who submitted photos to the challenge — the entire London look Flickrpool will be digitally displayed during the exhibition.

The London Look exhibition opens 1-30 September at Horniman Museum and Gardens. Admission free.


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The last two are the best indeed. First one because that's the real look of london people with their head in the phone, and the last one because is a good portrait, good light...


As soon as I saw that last photo in my newsfeed I knew exactly who'd taken it! Well done, Pete - your work is excellent as always.


All of the above 14 images are terrible.
No intuitive composition, no story, nothing to lead the eyes anywhere.
Just boring subjects doing boring things in a boring location captured by boring snapshots.
Please don't encourage people to assume these images are compelling in any way.