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Team GB And Dangleboris...Knitted

Team GB And Dangleboris...Knitted

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Andy Murray and Bradley Wiggins: four of Team GB's many successful athletes at the London Olympics, here spun out in wool by our resident stitchsmith Heather Brown. The set also includes a cameo from Mayor Boris Johnson, recreating his infamous 'Dangleboris' moment in Victoria Park.

The figurines stand just 6-7 cm tall, as can be seen from the cocktail stick javelin clutched by Jess Ennis.

The original plan was to create fun-sized replicas of all Team GB's gold medalists, but so successful was the team that Heather soon ran out of time and yarn.

More of Heather's yarn-based caricatures can be seen here, including the four main candidates from the last mayoral election.

Others have taken up needles and thread for the Olympics. Rhoda Adamson, for example, created a ganglier version of Wiggins, standing next to Usain Bolt, while Mary Haggerty stitched a miniature Olympic Park.

Gaz Jones

Love them!

Caroline Savage

Brill! love wiggins! We had similar problems with our minifigs - too many medals! we ran out of navy blue legs!