Individualise Your Oyster Card With Oysterskins

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Oyster Cards are an essential bit of kit for most Londoners, but no-one would describe their blue uniformity as inspiring. Now you can personalise, prettify or pimp yours thanks to who have developed specially-shaped stickers that fit your Oyster Card perfectly without affecting the microchip inside.

Their website offers hundreds of designs, including a limited-edition “Summer of Sport” selection featuring day-glo Union Jacks and action shots of athletes. The range includes a gymnast and swimmer in pink and six surging sportsmen in green (a cyclist, tennis player, relay-runner, javelin-thrower, cricketer and footballer). There’s also a series of country flags, some of which are emblazoned with the stirring legend – “It’s time to kick arse!”

Easy to apply and easy to replace, the skins are made from high-tech air release vinyl which won’t leave any traces of residue behind, so you can change the image as often as you like.

There’ll will be more limited edition designs to coincide with events such as Notting Hill Carnival and Halloween and soon you’ll be able to customise your Oyster Card with your name and picture on an oysterskin.

So go on, get your skin on – put the world on your oyster.

Priced at £2.99 each or £6.99 for a three skin pack with free postage. Visit to buy.

All skins are produced in the UK in association with TaylorHe, Britain’s number one online specialist in laptop skins and sleeves.

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  • Lindsey Clarke

    I’ve got one of these. It was v helpful yesterday when I left my Oystercard in the pub by mistake as I could describe the exact combination of wallet and sticker to prove it was mine when I went to reclaim it. Smart!

    • Lindsay J. Workman

      I dutifully still carry mine around with me in a wallet. Anyone been asked for it in ages?

  • Guest

    Hmm – my oyster card never leaves my wallet, so don’t really see the use of this!

    • Nathan Hornby

      Hm, I thought the same.  It’s an RFID card.  It never needs to be handled, or visible.

      • Just another girl

        I get your point, however for me, I have the ITSO cards and they look pretty similar so it’s useful to know which card to touch where. Plus I have mroe than one Oyster so I have spares for friends and it might be useful at times when they are all out to kow which is which. Plus this is clearly aimed at kids who like to personalise everything!

  • Jeff Cotton

    Does one even need the photo-card anymore? I dutifully still carry mine around with me in a wallet. Anyone been asked for it in ages?

    • Lindsey Clarke

      I think it’s only under 18s/16s/children that need photos, isn’t it? 

      • ajsb

        i put mine on my gym card

        • Ellowendeowen

          me too! and snooker club membership…library card…(actually, i got a bit carried away!)

  • Reg

    I love the summer of sport collection, hope there will be more coming soon

    • linz

      I agree! the summer of sport collection is really cool. yeah i’d totally stick them on my other cards. brilliant idea.