Gustav Klimt-Inspired Street Art @ Grosvenor Gardens

A typical Klimt piece, resplendent in gold.

A live art event takes place in Grosvenor Gardens, Victoria on Tuesday 21 August. Nine street artists will spend the day spraying, painting and collaging-up interpretations of works by Gustav Klimt.

Had he lived to phenomenal old-age, the Austrian artist would have celebrated his 150th birthday this year. The Vienna Tourist Board are keen to take advantage, and are helping stage this event to highlight the great man’s work, as well as using street artists to send out a contemporary vibe.

The artists will create nine new works on 2 metre-squared boards, live in the park between 9am and 7pm. Afterwards, the pieces will go on show in Lazarides Gallery from 24 August to 1 September.

The selected artists are Mode 2, Lucy McLauchlan, Vhils, Ron English, Christian Eisenberger, Bastardilla, Know Hope, Marlene Hausegger, with pre-made work from Shepard Fairey.

Gustav Klimt street art, Grosvenor Gardens, 21 Aug, 9am-7pm, free.

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