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18 July 2012 | By: M@

Quiz: How Well Have The Olympic Sponsors Infiltrated Your Brain?

Companies are paying good money to gain exclusive supply rights for everything from cereal bars to drug testing labs. Take our quiz, and see how successfully these brands have seeped into your consciousness.

Image by adewale_oshineye in the Londonist Flickr pool.


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11/13 - more than I thought - although a good half were educated guesses (stratford chicken anyone?)


12/13 aaaargh. My mind has been colonised. D:

Zoe Craig

11/13. Must try harder ;-)

Deborah Klaassen

But the real question is - will we be drinking more Heineken because they are official sponsors, or will we remain loyal to Stella, Fosters, Top Deck Shandy or whatever we usually drink?

Dave H

8/13. I would like my score to be a bit lower, if I'm honest.