Film Review: Saturday Night Fever @ Old Vic Tunnels

Around the back of Waterloo station there is a city known as Brooklyn. Brooklyn is underground, located within a maze of tunnels. It’s characterised by seedy lighting, glitter balls and strange accents. Brooklyn is also currently stuck in 1977, addicted to disco music and John Travolta’s elastic hips.

“New-Yorker’s” welcome you into this hidden city. The street is a blur of activity — record stores, cries of “hot-dogs, get your hot-dogs” and dancers shimmering by. In the Pussy Lounge, a stripper writhes on a pole as 7 and 7’s are mixed flamboyantly behind the bar. This is all before the main event has even begun.

After grabbing a cocktail and some popcorn, you are ushered into the Everyman cinematech where fluffy-fur seats await. The atmosphere is electric throughout the showing, with live performers dancing during the film’s, sorry, movie’s, disco numbers. Saturday Night Fever itself is still a captivating watch, with each hip flick and misogynistic put-down invoking a loud reaction from the packed cinema.

After the credits roll, you finally get a chance to unleash your disco feet. Performers in big heels and even bigger collars teach the moves on a light-up dance floor, and on Friday and Saturday the after-party continues for hours. The only downside to Saturday Night Fever is that it is quite expensive to start with, and when you get inside the food and drink isn’t cheap. One would expect more free perks for the ticket price. This might deter some, but those who do go into the tunnels are in for a treat. Theatre; cinema; night out? Saturday Night Fever offers it all.

The event is a clear challenge to the excellent Secret Cinema, and this is a clever and promising first offering. The question is: what happens after the night fever wears off?

Saturday Night Fever runs at Old Vic Tunnels, Station Approach Road, SE1 8SW until 21 July. Go to the Old Vic Tunnels website for more information and to book tickets.

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  • Mike

    £25 for a stripper and 20 seconds of live dancers during the film – total rip-off.

  • Sally

    Was I missing something? Agree with Mike above, I only saw dancers for a couple of minutes during the film and then they were on the dancefloor as we all left – hardly the spectacular I was expecting. Should either be more of an event or just show us the film but charge half the price. Agree it was a rip-off

    • Kate

      Have to say the same. Just back from the show and it was not at all what I was expecting. We arrived just before the film started (with a 7pm start it is a stretch for most who work to make it much earlier) and raced in to our seats as the tickets clearly stated latecomers would not be admitted.  It turns out people could come and go all they liked all evening while we simply watched a film that we could have watched from home. The dancers were on for one song, in the corner, weren’t that impressive, and actually just distracted from the film.  As the ‘live action’ is mostly pre-show entertainment I think it should have been made clear to arrive at least 30mins before the show to avail of any of it.  At £25 a head to watch an old movie in the damp, it was truly a rip off.. Sorry guys.

  • Consty Clair

    Hahah, very funny.
    opryskiwacze dla rolników.