Win Dinner For Two At The Tower Grange Hotel

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Win Dinner For Two At The Tower Grange Hotel

This competition is brought to you in partnership with Grange Hotels.

Grange Hotels manage a portfolio of luxury, boutique central London hotels.

There's the Grange Blooms Hotel in the heart of Bloomsbury, The Clarendon and The Portland for West End visitors, the Grange St. Pauls Hotel for the City and the Grange Strathmore Hotel, a beautifully restored townhouse in South Kensington.

The Grange Tower Bridge is the newest addition, built as a modern 'eco-hotel'. It incorporates renewable solar and photovoltaic panels, and even has an on-site borehole to reduce water consumption – making it one of the most energy-efficient hotels to open in recent years.

Grange Hotels are offering you the chance to win dinner for two, including a bottle of house wine, at the contemporary style Tower Grill restaurant at the Tower Grange Hotel.

To be in with a chance to win, simply leave a comment below saying who you would like to treat to dinner at the Tower Grill.


You must be over 18 to enter. Competition closes on Friday 22 June at 5pm. A winner will be picked at random from the comments received and notified in the comments. You can enter as many times as you like. Usual competition policy applies.

This prize has been supplied by Grange Hotels.

Last Updated 13 June 2012

Mark Walley

I'd like to take my wife, because she's pretty great.


I would like to take past-me so I could warn me about my future awesome/terrible decisions.


I would love this! Celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary with my husband while he's home from the Royal Navy!


I'd like to take my boyfriend, because things haven't been great with us and we're trying to reignite the spark.


I would take my friend Alys because we are both happy singletons who deserve a swanky dinner! 

S. Jones

I would like to take my mum as she works very hard for all of her friends, family and will do anything for anyone so deserves to be spoilt, a beautiful lady! x


I would take my mate who is a great chic and forgets to treat herself sometimes.


I'd like to treat my girlfriend to dinner at Tower Grill because she's feeling pretty low at the moment and this would cheer her up loads.


I'd like to take my boyfriend because he's helping me move house next weekend!

Sandeep Rai

I would take either my friend or my mum. Haven't been out in ages since I lost my job.


I would take someone in the demographic that this soft marketing is aimed at... please pick me!


I'd take my boyfriend! He needs a treat.

Anne-Lise Johnsen

I would like to take my boyfriend as he has been fantastic to me while I have been very sick. He made sure that I slept enough, took my pills and ate something. I really appreciate all he has done, he is the best!

Baldwin Ho

I would love to take my Dad, as it's Father's Day soon (although every day should be father's day!). He's a real foodie and I am sure he would really appreciate the fine food at the Tower Grange Hotel!

Rebecca P

I would like to take my boyfriend because during our three years together, I have forced him to eat at a cornucopia of vegetarian restaurants and even though I have recently been 'rehabilitated' to white meat, the poor man is in desperate need of a good steak. I can't think of a better gesture of thanks than a five-star meal for putting up with my anxiety attacks whilst I have been attempting to qualify as a solicitor!


I'd take my girlfriend. Because she'd murder me if I took anyone else.


I'd like to take my husband, as a thank you for helping me through my change of career. He's been amazing!

Mike Gillingham

I'd take Rebecca Ramsay-Smith, for being a wonderful Events Manager for the Carbon Trust. And it's my turn to cook.


I want to take my brother, although he annoys the crap out of me with his OCD, he does take me out often to places that I currently cant afford, be nice to return the favour.


I'd take my next door neighbour who has helped me through a long illness by shopping for me and cooking when I was too sick. If I don't win it will have to something local and inferior to show my appreciation.


I will take my girlfriend. We are in a distance relationship and she will be in London soon

Robert Spencer

One of my house-mates, haven't decided which one yet, they'll have to fight for my generosity. 


I'd take (my) Super Man as everyone deserves a break from being fabulous! x


I would like to take my oldest friend Emma who I used to go to Nursery with. She has been living in Singapore for 5 years and is coming home this weekend for her 30th Birthday. it would be lovely if I could treat her. :-) 


I will take my girlfriend. She deserves a treat


I will take my girlfriend coz I love her


I will take my girlfriend coz she's the best


I will take my grilfriend. She's simply the best.


I'd take the girl that I had a brief fling with to see if we can get it on again!


I'd take my boyfriend, because I haven't seem him for a long time. 

Michael Doepke

I'd invite my girlfriend I don't see very often because we're living in two different countries

M Wash

I would take my boyfriend for a lovely romantic treat :o)


I'd like to take my husband, because we love swish dinners out.


I'd take my wife. We are from the US and will be spending a week in London this July. The kids are coming with us be we'd probably leave them back at the hotel :)


I would like to take my girlfriend! She currently lives in South Africa and even though she comes to visit regularly, I miss her too much and would like to treat her to a lovely evening like this


I'd love to take my boyfriend there when we're visiting London.


I'd like to take my boyfriend because I've been hard to live with in the last few weeks, and this would be a good way to say sorry and thanks for putting up with me.


Girlfriend :)


My friend


I would take myself so I could eat twice as much ;)


my boyfriend, because I've been the craziest bitch to him recently...


I'd most certainly take my mother on her 60th- the love of my life.

Bermondsey James

I'd take my girlfriend, because she is ace!


I will take an as yet unnamed girl who I have perhaps not even met yet... 


My lovely wife, Danielle.


I would like to take my scruffy lover. Might not be you usual clientele but there's nothing wrong with a bit of a change. He does have good manners and eats all his greens.


I would like to win it and then give it to my best friend and her boyfriend because they NEVER go and do nice romantic things together!


The winner of the most medals at this year's Olympics


I'd take my partner who is a doctor in a hospital only steps away from your hotel and he works way too hard. He could do with a nice treat after all that intensive care. 


My amazing man, just to simply say I love you in style.


I'd like to take my Dad because he is spending fathers day doing my brothers 15th birthday party and because I would like to just hang out with my Dad for a night which never needs to have a reason actually just because. Thank you! 

Ray George

I would like to take our friends from the US. They have not been to London and would like to share the good news of London's culinary boom as shown by your restaurants!


I'd like to take my friend Kirst. I moved to London recently and she's let me stay with her and helped me get set up with a bank account, phone, tax number and all that awful boring stuff. She helped me lug boxes and bags up and down many flights of stairs and has entertained me on the weekends with markets and walks and other cheap activities for the temporarily unemployed. We're both mad foodies but lately I've only been able to shop at Tescos and drink cheap champagne. But she's been really nice about it, cooking cheap dinners with me and sometimes buying me nice champagne! As soon as I'm working I'm gonna buy her a massive 'thankyou' present but would be awesome to give her this in the meantime!


I'd like to treat my dad for Fathers Day!!! He deserves something special like this!!


My lovely hubby!


I would like to take my boyfriend who has lost his gustatory sense recently (due to influenza). Fingers crossed that it will come back after this delicious dinner.

The Battle for Billy's Pond

Sod the boyfriend (who I've tried to break up with), I'm taking my sister. She may not deserve it as she's always getting me to run errands for her, she's on my back constantly about getting a new job but she can eat like a hound and she's always got room for dessert. 


my husband - the love of my life!

James D Wallis

I would ask the girl from work who I would otherwise not know how to ask.


I would take my wife as a graduation present


I'd take my Dad, Rob, as he's a top Dad, I always have a good time with him and he's also just started to keep an eye out for the ladies after my mum passed away a few years ago. As I am currently single, I've found myself giving him dating tips - 'don't worry if she doesn't reply straight away', 'maybe don't wear that super-smart jacket on the first date', 'keep it light-hearted' and 'if it doesn't go anywhere...not to worry!' So we could share more stories over a lovely meal together...perfect.


I would love to take my boyfriend, who just got graduated in Italy and I couldn't make it to be there with him on his special day because I had to work. We have moved to London (he's italian and I am lithuanian) a month ago thus having this dinner would also allow us to explore another amazing new (for us) place in London.

Hang Sing

My other I always take him for granted! Thus he deserve the pampering!


I'd like to take my beautiful crazy girlfriend,because she has been spat on and kicked all day by the child she looks after, yet still made me laugh when she got home.


my mum because I forgot her birthday


I'd like to take the man of my dreams as soon as I've found him!


My partner to say sorry for the late nights I stay late in the office organise corporate travel


I'd like to take my missus as she's been terribly ill of late, compounded by the worry of her best friend being diagnosed with cancer. A meal like this would help her forget her worries for an evening.


I'd like to take my Anna, because when I fell off my bike she held my bleeding head, called me an ambulance and waited on me with tea and sympathy whilst my sore ribs mended.


I'd like to take my boyfriend to celebrate everything great in our lives at the moment and everything that's yet to come. Thanks!


I would love to take my boyfriend, for us to spend some nice quality time together in a beautiful romantic setting. 


Id like to take a boy im trying to impress.  I cant rely on personality alone...

linda fletcher

I would really like to take my Grandaughter,,she has done so well through college without any help from her always absent parents..its been a struggle but i feel so proud of her..and if i could take her somewhere lovely like this it would be so great.


We got married in Tower Bridge and go back there every year to celebrate (last year we got to lift the bridge!), followed by a meal.  It would be great to go for dinner afterwards at the hotel this year.


I would like to take my gorgeous boyfriend and hopefully pluck up enough Dutch courage to propose to him during the bottle of wine :)


Id love to take my husband because he is such a super star!


I'd take my Dad because I'm away for father's day so this prize would really turn his frown upside down


I'd take Ken Livingstone, as he's probably got plenty of time on his hands now, so we wouldn't have to look too far ahead to find a date that suited us both.


I would like to take my boyfriend, since we're both going back to our final year in Uni (me in the Netherlands and he in the UK) which means we won't see each other 7 months


I would take my younger sister, to cheer her up, as its been a pretty tough year for her so far and she loves her food!


I'd like to take Oscar Wilde... failing that, my wife. :)


I would treat my best friend who returns from travelling the world soon, i haven't seen her for 2 years. what a great way to catch up! x


Oh, you lovely people! Thank you for entering the competition. We'll pick a winner tomorrow. 

Maria M

i would take my hubby as i've not seen him for nearly 3 weeks solid - he works in hospitality industry and i work days so we hardly get much time together! 


My boyfriend, for waiting on me hand and foot, nursing me through the bad times, and patiently ginving up his social life for the past 6 months to look after me while I've been ill and waiting to be diagnosed with Crohns Disease.  Now I'm on medication, things should be looking up again!

Steve King

I would live to treat my wife after we just celebrated our 17 year meeting anniversary ;)

Christine Reid

I would take my daughter Katrina she would love it.

Azra Dedic

I'd love to treat my dad, a belated fathers day present!


I would take my mate Dave


My friend so we can celebrate our new jobs!


 This would be a perfect gift to my friend who has no clue about food at all. It will definitly be an excited moment!


I'd take my sis as she's superwoman and loves her food!


I'd like to treat myself to two main courses.


Hi Everyone, we have picked the winner. Congratulations JP!!! We'll get in touch with you about your prize.