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Quiz: Work Out The London Alphabet

Quiz: Work Out The London Alphabet

Can you work out the London location, institution or other local oddity represented by each letter in this alphabet? In nearly all cases, the picture is the first letter of the answer. A few have also been cropped or edited to obscure neighbouring letters that might give the game away.

Please, only one letter guess per person, so that more people get a turn.

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Note: in a small number of cases, we've ever so cheekily cropped from creative commons pics without crediting, as that would lead you to the answer. We do hope you'll forgive us this transgression. If we've used one of your pics and you're unhappy about it, we'll swap it for something else and buy you a tin of alphabety spaghetti.


I've gone for my initial - B is for Barbican!

Tom P

Z = ZSL London Zoo

Scott L

W is for Westfield!


P - Prince Charles Cinema

Ravi Jay

C - Camden Lock

Jonathan Seyghal

L - London Pride

Adrian Stanescu

R is for Roundhouse


S = Southbank Centre


L is for London Pride

Dom Fletcher

O is for oyster


T is for Tate

Robbie Bullseye

M is Madame Tussauds

Keith Mallon

N = Natural History Museum


H is for Harrods

Guy Arnold

D for Dungeons 


G for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama


V is for V&A

Liam Brooker

A is for Abbey Road


I think E is for Ben Eine, Shoreditch artist and painter of the alphabet on various shutterings and hoardings ?


X is fo Oxo

Zoe Craig

Y is for Young Vic

David O'L

Q is for Queen's Park Rangers


U is for (London) Underground, of course!

Tyrone Shoelaces

O is for Oval, surely


Wow, you chaps are good. So, if I'm looking at this right the only letters left to guess are:
F, I, J, and K.

London Remembers

King's Cross?  Right?


A = Abbey Road?


Is F Foyles?


I'm missing G I K L...


J is Jerwood Space, shurely?


Is J for Jerwood?

London Remembers

John Lewis?  It's the right shape but I can't explain where the other letters have gone!   Great quiz.


I is for Imperial War Museum

Pete Maan

F..... from the "Hot Salt Beef" sign on the Beigal Shop, Brick Lane 

Sidcup Sebast

L = London Pride

James H

F is definitely Foyles, off the "Foyles for Books" sign.

Noah Stroyman

K is for King's Cross


Congrats - someone's guessed every letter now. On the more controversial ones, K is King's Cross, F is indeed Foyles and J is Jerwood Space.


K is for Kings Cross


X is Oxo Tower


W is for Westfield (Either Shepherd's Bush or Stratford...)