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21 June 2012 | By: M@

Preview: Wellcome Image Awards 2012

Preview: Wellcome Image Awards 2012

Every year, Wellcome Collection on Euston Road selects the most striking recent images from across science and medicine. This year's Wellcome Image Awards makes for another eyebrow-raising exhibition. The 16 finalists are on display on the venue's first floor from today.

The overall winner was the first image in the gallery above, showing a living human brain during an operation. It is brain surgery, and no doubt a very challenging environment for photographer Robert Ludlow of UCL Institute of Neurology. Other images include a close-up of caffeine crystals, a time-lapse of cell division and a chicken embryo's blood vessels.

Head of Wellcome Images Catherine Draycott sums up the show:

“The Wellcome Image Awards are unique in that the winners are chosen for their scientific and technical merit as much as for their aesthetic appeal. They offer people a chance to get closer to science and research and see it in a different way, as a source of beauty as well as providing important information about ourselves and the world around us.”

Wellcome Image Awards 2012 is on show at Wellcome Collection till December 2012. Entrance is free.

Tabish Khan

Went to see this earlier this week and the images are sensational. The living brain and the fly close-up are my favourites.