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Granary Square Opens In King's Cross

Granary Square Opens In King's Cross

Students at Central St Martin's behind King's Cross station have a bit more space to stretch their legs, with the partial opening of Granary Square. The cobbled plaza, roughly the size of Trafalgar Square, stretches from the college's Granary Building down to the Regent's Canal. The scheme by Towns­­hend Landscape Architects includes a row of dancing fountains, a grove of boxy trees and a stepped terrace down to the canal. Stone benches, floodlighting and the occasional bike rack complete the scheme.

The Square offers a large open space for general mingling and lingering, but will also be used for performance events. Two pavilions at either end of the square have yet to be completed.

Ben Myring kindly sent us these images of the new square. More can be found on SkyscraperCity.

Rachel Holdsworth

What is this obsession with puddle-depth water features? There are some by the Cutty Sark as well - nearly walked right through them the other day.


Turn them off and it turns into a much larger fully usable public space (organising a stop the war rally for instance). 

Turn them on and you get activity, occupation and interest (all with the H&S benefits described by MattFromLondonist

Rob Smith

The buildings around Granary Square had an amazing impact on the development of London, and other cities as wellIf you want to take a tour of the area looking at the architecture and history I run a walk called All Change at Kings Cross - the next one is on July 5th. Im a local tour guide http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/ev...


I am a local resident and so have seen the development of the area from the beginning. It's good to finally see the development taking shape and the opening of the Granary Square with its so called 'Camden Steps' has breathed life into what used to be a very harsh landscape. To see young chidren playing in fountains in an area which just a few years ago you took your life in your hands to walk around has got to be a positive move...let's just hope they plant more greenery!


Loved the dancing fountains today. The Grandchildren had a wonderful day! What a breath of fresh air to finally see the development finally beginning to take shape. Only hope that York Way Station will be re opened! As Grandparents it's difficult to get to from Kentish Town.

A Researcher

Can anybody tell me was Granby Mews ( 1861 ) in this area ??