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07 May 2012 | By: SamF

Preview: London Festival Of Photography 2012

Preview: London Festival Of Photography 2012

With under a month to go until the London Festival of Photography, it is time to get out your diaries. This year's festival builds on the success of 2011's London Street Photography Festival, which now has a broader remit, opening its arms to embrace all photography.

The possibilities of such a wide-ranging endeavour may seem endless, yet this is not simply a collection of disjointed work from various established sources. The organisers have condensed the artistic output with the use of a theme: Inside out: Reflections of the public and the private. While the boundaries are deliberately blurry, the theme will bring a sense of cohesion to the festival, with examinations of social media's impact on personal privacy, censorship and the mass democratising effect that the internet has had on photography as an art form.

There are 18 exhibitions — many of them free to see — and over 30 events including workshops, talks, masterclasses and portfolio reviews involving established photographers from around the world. There are also awards for photography relating to the theme.

The main festival runs through June 2012, but associated events will span the entire summer, from 25 May to 15 August. The hub of the festival will be based around the King's Cross area making use of local amenities such as the British Library, St Pancras and the Guardian Gallery. Events will, however, be taking place all over the city from Tate Modern to the V&A.

Visit the London Festival of Photography website for the full programme and start planning.

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I can't wait! Next time I'll take part too... Or so I hope (: