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03 May 2012 | By: Rachel Holdsworth

Comedy Preview: Domestic Science / Festival Of The Spoken Nerd

Comedy Preview: Domestic Science / Festival Of The Spoken Nerd

There's a relatively new comedy-geek night in town, run by one-third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd Helen Arney and her other half, Rob Wells. It's called Domestic Science and is inspired by this pair of physics graduates' domestic life where they're always doing experiments. It'll be in Edinburgh for a free lunchtime show throughout August, but they're perfecting the recipe with previews in the wee room upstairs at the Green Man. And there's free cake, baked by Rob, decorated by guests.

Guests at the show we saw last night included the other Spoken Nerders Matt Parker and Steve Mould, as the three worked out the best way to present a bit about barcodes (with some live mental arithmetic from Matt; humanities graduates in the audience found this more impressive than Steve's homemade barcode scanner); also testing out new stuff were Helen Keen – moving on from her space-love to talk about disturbing sex robots – Viv Groksop listing the 10 Hottest Scientists, Peter Zeidman asking whether suicide rates are related to how depressing your national anthem is (note: correlation does not always equate to causation) and Andrew Pontzen introducing us to the cosmic mallard. No, really.

Apart from Helen and Rob, the guest list changes each show but you can get an idea of who's on when by looking at the listings. They're also doing a free show at the Balham Free Fringe on 28 July (1pm in the Bedford). If you can't get enough of Helen (and who can?) she's previewing her solo Edinburgh show, Voice of an Angle, during July in Hackney and Islington.

If you're waiting for Festival of the Spoken Nerd news, they're doing more of the big Bloomsbury Theatre shows along the lines of the one we raved about in January. Pi-Curious is sold out for Tuesday 22 May but there are still tickets available for Monday 21st or, if for some reason you don't want to see the show in its big-venue glory, you can catch a preview at the Cockpit Theatre on the 15th (£6).

Domestic Science is next at the Green Man on Riding House Street on 29 May at 8pm, £4. To buy tickets for this and future dates, see We Got Tickets. Festival of the Spoken Nerd is at Bloomsbury Theatre on Gordon Street on 21 May, 7.30pm, £12 / £10. Voice of an Angle previews at Hackney Picturehouse Attic on 9 July (time/price tbc) and Hen and Chickens Theatre, Islington, 10 and 29 July, 7.30pm, £7.50.

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