New Plan To Redevelop Centre Point

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 73 months ago
New Plan To Redevelop Centre Point

Sandwiched between the candy-coloured slabs of Central St Giles and the new Tottenham Court Road mega-station, it's of little surprise that the area at the base of Centre Point has been earmarked for redevelopment. The property owner Almacantar, which bought the site last year, has now unveiled its proposals.

The plan involves building 82 new flats on top of Centre Point House, the squat building that lies to the east of the tower, and convert the area between the two, currently a rest stop for buses terminating in the area, into a large plaza, adorned with the familiar mix of shops and al fresco cafes. The 'bridge' that links the two buildings would be remodelled.

Additionally, the developer hopes in the long term to redevelop the tower itself into residential units, as in their view it "cannot sustain itself in the future as an office building" — a viewpoint that has echoes of Centre Point's troubled birth, when it stood unoccupied for years after completion in 1966.

The new development is but one of many in the immediate area, including a new Astoria Theatre and some fairly dull new buildings above the ticket halls.

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Last Updated 24 April 2012

Nicolas Chinardet

The giant green chair and light thang were in the courtyard of the National last summer (or the one before), non?

The piazza is a great idea though. the area is so grim at the moment!

Daniel Tonks

Looking good, a MAJOR improvement on what is there now (I used to walk through the current mess to get to work). I do think giving 1/3 of this over to a lawn could be beneficial though, somewhere nice to sit.


I'm guessing this is an early eviction notice for the tiny little Koreatown that exists in this space. Shame.

Mark Walley

I'm confused where buses would run if that road disappears, is the plan when Crossrail is done to restore the top tip of Charing Cross road and run buses in both direction on it? In which case how do buses get from the bottom of Gower Street to Charing Cross Road going south?

Ayesha Garrett

I'd love more greenery here, it's a bit of a desert at the moment. Plants soften everything so much.


Another sanitised space for Starbucks & Costa to move into? I'd prefer something that fits the existing area & supports the local businesses.  Live music, street art - and more of those giant chairs. 


Could it be more anodyne? Anyplace, anywhere... just happens to be London.

Peter F

Knocking the whole thing down would be the best thing for London. It's bloody ugly.