Metropolitan Police Refers More Racism Cases

Rachel Holdsworth
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Metropolitan Police Refers More Racism Cases

In the wake of recordings that show a police officer using racist language, the Metropolitan Police (Met) have referred seven cases involving racism to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, in addition to three already reported in the media. Eight officers and one civilian staff member are currently suspended and three officers are on restricted duties.

Six of the ten cases were reported by fellow officers, which prompted Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey to say

we are an organisation that will not stand for any racist behaviour

However, Channel 4 News discovered that of 120 officers found guilty of racist behaviour 1999-2011, just one was dismissed. Six were forced to resign and 21 received a sanction of some sort (usually a fine). Brian Paddick, Lib Dem Mayoral candidate and former senior Met Officer, has highlighted a report he wrote back in 2004 that warned of racism within the Met, but the report was buried. We spoke to Paddick a few days ago and he expanded:

The difficulty the police have is they don't want to further undermine public confidence by admitting there's a problem with racism, but if you don't admit there's a problem you can't take any steps to deal with it.

With community relations low after last summer's riots and stop and search still an issue (you're far more likely to be subjected to stop and search if you're from an ethnic minority, yet an arrest rate of around 6% indicates the police are targeting the wrong people), cases of racism within the force and figures suggesting management aren't cracking down on it makes the Met look like it hasn't made much progress since the Macpherson Report labelled it "institutionally racist".

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Last Updated 07 April 2012


Will the last non-racist policeman stand up NOW, please.


The MET is not the only institutionally racist organisation, we have the CPS also who are institutionally racist, they with the help of Police officers prosecute a lot of ethnic minorities and give them criminal record so that tey dont have a good job prospect and have to do menial jobs or commit crime to make ends meet. The title "Crown" in CPS has to be dropped because they will in conjuction with the police tarnish the reputation of  Regina the queen with their covert racist policies and agenda  and should instead adopt the title "Brown" Prosecution Service instead - with a Mission statement of promising to actively and unfairly prosecute any person of colour without discrimination and ensure they dont have good employment prospect because of the tag we label them with unjustly just because we can. A jury that is pre disposed to find a person of colour guilty or a police officer assaulting members of the public or unlawfully killing them "Not Guilty" in the face of overwhelming evidence is very disturbing indeed.
What is happening to Justice in Regina's name we ask?