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12 April 2012 | Transport | By: M@

Life On The Northern Line: 50 Photos Of Tube Stations

Paul Woods has taken architectural photographs of all 50 stations on the Northern Line, the line he lives above and catches from home to work every day. The black and white photos were all taken on an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app.

The shots show how varied the architecture of this section of the Underground is, with the much-cherished stations of Leslie Green to the north, the temple-like Brent Cross, and the "isn't that someone's house?" of Woodside Park. That said, we'd never noticed before that Tooting Bec and Colliers Wood are near clones of one another.

It'd be interesting to see the project extended to the other Tube lines, although the Waterloo and City line would be a bit dull.


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Joel Phillips
"the Waterloo and City line would be a bit dull."

N.B. he could have titled what he'd done already "Life on the Northern (and Waterloo and City) Lines".

A Photographer

Why do poorly shot, technically awful images like these even get an airing on this website?! Seeing as everyone's a photographer these days, it's not that hard to find good work by skilled photographers.  This is a good concept but the photos are just awful. A testiment to the fact that someone rode the tube and got off at each stop & took a snap. Yawn. I thought Londonist were better than this.