Crystal Palace Light Show To Mark Digital TV Switchover

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Crystal Palace Light Show To Mark Digital TV Switchover

Today is the final full day of analogue TV for most Londoners. From tomorrow, the region begins the switch to digital-only, when the signal for BBC2 is extinguished. The final curtain comes on 19 April when the remaining four channels are kiboshed.

According to Digital UK, the body overseeing the shift, one in ten London households are not ready, and will lose their TV signal. If you use Freeview, BT Vision or Top Up TV you'll need to retune your set or box. If you have Sky, Freesat or Virgin, you don't need to do anything. If you only have analogue sets, you'll need to get some form of digital box or a new TV pronto. Or you could just live without TV.

To mark the televisual milestone, a 200,000W light show will take place at the Crystal Palace transmitter on 18 April. Art exhibitions inspired by the switchover are also taking place at Ambika P3 and the ICA.

Those looking for more information about switchover can visit the Digital UK website or, in meatspace, any of a series of community roadshows throughout the region.

Last Updated 03 April 2012


Why is BBC2 being switched off before all the others? Will it broadcast a "Hey, you need to go digital" message, or is its bandwidth needed the most?


The multiplex/transmitter which broadcasts the analogue BBC2 signal is being switched off entirely, it has nothing to do with bandwidth though. The rest of the channels belong on a different transmitter and are being switched off on the 18th; this is due to a Digital UK decision to always have a two-step retune/switch off for each transmitter region, to reduce the impact on the viewing population.


It's been a long time coming since it was launched,